Behind the Name:

David Casirer

You know those kids who are always drawing? That they always have a pencil / pen / brush in hand? The illustrators of the school newspaper? I was that kid.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been scribbling on any random scrap of paper. The doodles turned into more and more complex drawings that turned into designs with definite goals. One of the things I liked the most was inventing all kinds of imaginary businesses and organizations and designing logos for them.

At the age of 16, I already understood that this is what I want to do when I grow up – a graphic designer who helps businesses realize their visual vision. The direction was to become an art director in an advertising agency.

After the military service, I was accepted to study visual communication when the goal was always in front of my eyes, but it was there, in the mid-90s, that I was exposed to the Internet in its early days and I was turned on. The rest of the way was a combination of web design, graphic design and branding. I finally found the right formula that combines all my design interests.

In 1998 I graduated and opened my own studio that has existed ever since. There were all kinds of business branches, companies, ventures, start-ups, etc. but the core was always branding, that’s the passion and that’s my calling in life.

David Casirer


Graphic Designer, Adler-Gofer Advertising Agency, Haifa, Israel
Co-Founder, Creative Director, WizArt, Haifa, Israel
B.Ed in visual and mass communication from The NB School of Design
Establishment of CASIRER DESIGN
Creative Director, Golden Pages Internet, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Co-Founder, Creative Director, Paprika Interactive Ltd., Tel- Aviv, Israel
Senior Art Director, YKM, Ra'anana, Israel
Co-Founder, Creative Director, Creactive Vision Ltd., Modi’in, Israel
From 2018
Co-Founder, Head of Design, netrix
From 2020
Head of Design, Comovid, Tel-Aviv, Israel
From 2021
Co-Founder, CCO, (Startup), Israel
David Casirer
David Casirer