Brands I Crafted

For the past twenty or so years I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of businesses and organizations, branding (or rebranding) them, bringing their vision to conceptual purification and visual realization.


Over the years, some have been lost in the abysses of time, some have survived severe crises and some have risen and blossomed but all of them are part of me.

I too have evolved in all those years. My designs today are different from my designs from 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Despite this, quite a few of my previous designs have survived the hardships of time mainly because I hold that branding must be timeless, avoid gimmicks and trends and reflect the essence of the organization and its being, these do not change frequently.

I bring you here a very limited (relatively) selection from all my work periods, in a variety of styles and approaches but the silver line that unites them all is the conceptual thinking that takes into consideration the essence of the organization, its goals and objectives, its target audiences, its style and above all, its DNA. These examples were carefully hand picked from hundreds of works while many others were left out.